selling products onlineIf you are looking for how to sell online or what to sell online, you certainly have come to the right place.  Let me explain the different methods for selling products online and the different ways we can earn money from selling products online.  And if you are wondering who I am and how can you be sure I know what I am talking about, just read the article and you can tell there is not a possible way that I could make this stuff up.  Okay?  Okay…

Best Products To Sell Online

When thinking about selling products online you must first understand how the process works.  You must also understand that with anything online that will make you money, you have to invest time into it.  Selling online is not hard but it isn’t something that will make you a millionaire overnight.  Let us take a look at how to find products to sell first.

What we need to do is first find a niche.  If we can find a niche or a general area of “stuff” we want to sell, we can then go from there and decide some products we want to sell.  I always urge people to think general at first and then keep going nichier and nichier.  We don’t want to sell something that is too broad because we will then be competing with every single big business out there.  We want to offer value with the products we sell and the only way we can do that is by offering products that Amazon and other big retailers can’t really offer value.  Value can mean a better selection, customer support, etc.

Let me make an example for you.  Let us say that you are interested in selling products related to outdoor sports like fishing.  Selling a bunch of different outdoor store products would be ridiculous because you can’t compete with the big retailers like Cabelas, but what you can do is sell fishing poles or even bass fishing poles.  You can create a site selling a big selection of bass fishing poles and if you are an expert in fishing, you could offer the best support which Amazon or Cabelas might not be able to do.

The biggest mistake that people make when they look for products to sell online is they go too broad and then they end up competing with companies that have millions or even billions of dollars.  Go small at first.  Sell one type of product and just offer the best selection and the best support and you will do fine.

Products That Help In Some Way

Products that I have found to be quite successful are ones that offer help in some sort of way.  For example, a product that relieves backpain or a product which helps you alleviate stress.  These type of products are going to be much better selling then a product that is seasonal or a product that is based off of looks.  I learned this the hard way when I started a site selling chandeliers.  Chandeliers are cool and all but people want to see that product in person for one thing and they also don’t “need” that product.  There is nothing really driving them to buy that chandelier.  Where the person who has back pain really wants to alleviate that back pain, there is drive to relief that back pain and buy your product.

Evergreen Products

Depending if you decide to sell on Ebay or create your own online store (which I highly recommend because you are creating an asset), you want to make sure that the product that you are selling and the people looking for that product aren’t going to disappear over night.  Remember Chia Pets?  Well they were cool for awhile, I don’t think anyone has one.  Try to focus on products that are going to last for awhile and forget about those fads.

Products That Aren’t Completely HUGE

how to sell onlineOne big mistake I made when I first started dropshipping was selling really big products.  The problem with selling really big products are they will cost a lot to ship.  They also are just a hassle.  Sometimes you may get an estimated shipping cost and it turns out that the price is doubled and then you end up loosing money on that sale.  It is just a big hassle that you don’t want to deal with.

Try and look for products that aren’t going to cost more than $50 to ship.  If the price fluctuates around $25 to $50 to ship the product, you are going to be fine.  Anything more than $100 is going to be a hassle.  This is based off my experience.

Decent Margins

Now you are going through all the trouble to sell the product, you do want to retain most of that money don’t you?  The thing is, you are probably never going to have to see that product, ship that product yourself, warehouse that product or manufacture that product.  Therefore there is very little risk involved for you.  You have to understand that for not having to put that much risk in it, you are going to have lower margins.  That is totally okay.

Now you might ask.. What is a good margin?  When you are drop shipping and selling products online, the typical margin is around 30%.  Anything lower is going to be hard to sell products and make money.  I always look for products that are around 50% margin.  But, some niches just are so uncompetitive it is worth it to go with lesser margins and make more sales.

Examples Of Good Niches:

  • Weathervanes
  • Rabbit Hutches
  • Bird Cages
  • Fishing Poles

Examples Of Bad Niches:

  • Electronics
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Refrigerators
  • Sofas
  • Couches

So What Should You Do?

I highly recommend that you look into starting a drop shipping business if you really want to sell products online.  It is by far the easiest way to sell online.  If you want to learn more about how to start a drop ship business and learn to sell profitable products online, I highly urge you to sign up for my FREE LIVE WEBINAR by clicking here.

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