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Working with drop shippers can be one of the most beneficial ways to sell products online and make money online.  You do what you do best which is sell and they do what they do best which is warehouse & ship.  In order to create a great relationship with a drop shipper, you must first find the right dropshippers and avoid the scams.  Let us take a look at how to choose the right drop ship program and how to avoid the scam.

List Of Best Dropshipping Companies

Well, there really isn’t a list of drop shipping companies because I do not believe that any person who wants to create a drop shipping company should use one of these so called “dropship programs” or “dropship companies”.  Wait what?? Yep, I said it.  You want to know why not to go with these drop shipping programs?  Because they are simply SCAMS.  Yep, I said it again.

How do I know?  I have created over a dozen online stores and have done close to $500k in the last two years, all without ever using one of these so called drop shipping programs.  If you want a free drop shipping program, just do it yourself.

The thing with these drop ship lists or drop ship programs is that they are doing all the easy work of contacting suppliers who drop ship and compiling a list.  Then they charge you hundreds of dollars when you can do the same thing in minutes.  Even with these drop ship lists, you never really know what you are getting.  Many times you get a “supplier” who is actually just a drop shipper and is basically middling you.  They claim that they are manufacturing the product or warehousing the product when really they aren’t.  Avoid these drop shipping scams and lists at all costs.

How To Find Companies Who Dropship?

All you need is your best friend… Google.  Open up Google and start doing some simple searches.  At this point, I assume you have found a niche and a product in mind.

Search Google “keyword + supplier” or “keyword + manufacturer”

One of the best ways I have found to find suppliers who dropship is to contact the manufacturers directly and ask them what company distributes and supplies there product.  Many manufacturers don’t drop ship because they are focusing on just manufacturing the product, which they do best.  They let the supplier and distributor drop ship the product because that is what they do best.  So, contact the manufacturer first and ask who supplies there product and ask for the contact information.

If the manufacture doesn’t have a number, you might have to do more in depth research or you might just have to skip that product all together.  Some companies just don’t dropship or they will only drop ship for big internet retailers like Walmart or Amazon.  So, don’t get discouraged if they don’t drop ship or can’t find the supplier or distributor.

One thing that I have found to work when looking for companies who drop ship is to find sites in the niche who sell a number of different products.  The best is to find a site who looks like they are drop shipping (a site other then Walmart type big retailers).  From there, they should have a list of all the different products and who manufacturers that product.  Take a list of those manufacturers and search Google for their contact information.  Start calling these manufacturers and asking them for a list of companies who supply their product.  Some manufacturers might not even know what suppliers drop ship or not.  Next step is to get that contact information and start contacting the suppliers.

How To Contact Companies Who Dropship

Once you have a list of dropshipping companies that you want contact, give them a call and ask if they dropship.  Some will say yes, some will say no and some will charge you a dropship fee.  If the dropship fee is above $20 and the product is only a few hundred dollars, ditch that company.  I would say that about 50% of the companies will dropship and about 50% of those will say yes (assuming you aren’t a complete idiot on the phone).  You will want to act like you have done this before and that you have experience selling products online and creating dropship websites.

dropship-programSometimes a lot of these suppliers who dropship will want to see your online store.  Tell them that it is being built and get back to them once you have your store up.  Other times they want to just know that you are a real business and have a real business license.  I always recommend that the first thing that you do when starting a dropshipping website is to get your business license.  If you want to sell products online or just make money online, eventually you will need a business license.  Better to have it before contacting potential dropshippers but it is not 100% necessary.

Once you contact the drop shippers and if they approve you, they will ask you to fill out a form and you just go from there.  I always recommend that when you enter a niche and are looking for companies who dropship is to get at least 3 different products/drop shippers.  That way if something ever happens to one, your whole entire site and niche is not worthless.  You can always fall back on the other two niches.  It is also good to have a selection and over time you will see which products sell better, which suppliers are easier to work with, which suppliers are not on top of things and which products make more money etc…

Things To Look Out For When Working With A Dropshipper

A huge thing to look out for when working with a dropshipper is that you basically mean nothing to them.  They have bigger fish to worry about and until you prove yourself, you aren’t anything to them.  Now, they aren’t going to stab you in the back or anything like that but they don’t necessarily care about you in any way.  Even if you make them money, they are only going to care more about the company that makes them more than you.  Just understand that this is how business works and you must understand that in order for the dropshipping business model to work, you have to understand that you are never going to be first in line.  What can you do?

Prove yourself, be responsive and never get mad.  When you haven’t made any sales and you start working with a dropshipper, you have to start making sales in order to get noticed.  Once you start making sales you can start to demand more but until then, stay in your place and don’t over step.  Another is to be responsive.  If the drop shipper hasn’t shipped a product out yet, give them a call or call them multiple times but never be rude to them.  Even if a drop shipper makes a big mistake and ships the product to the wrong address, just accept it and move.  Never ever get mad at them because it doesn’t solve anything. Until you prove yourself, just stay in your place and be respectful at all times.drop ship scam

Drop Shipping Program, Lists, Reviews Overview

While saying that these “lists” or drop shipping companies are scams might be a little over the top, but I just honestly think that you don’t need them and they aren’t really reliable.  Why pay money for something you can do all yourself?  All you need is some time, Google and a phone.  You can find much more reliable suppliers and dropshippers by picking up the phone and using Google, then you could with any dropshipping program out there.  After all, you aren’t lazy are you?  Dropshipping lists are for lazy people.  People who want to dominate the online world with a dropshipping store are far from lazy.  Which one are you?

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